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#002 :: OUR VIDEO TAPES : / DVDs / Region number of our Japanese DVDs /
#004 :: ORDERING :
#005 :: SHIPPING :
#006 :: MEMBERSHIP :


* Why should I buy from ALL JAPAN WORLD? What is so special about your videos compared to other Internet sites?
In ALL JAPAN WORLD, all our videos are produced by the original makers. and we gather goods from such makers directly for you.
No unauthorized, poor quality videos. You won't get them from us. So don't worry.
Our supplier include the best video makers from Japan, e.g.   Kasakura, h.m.p. , Attackers, SOD, momotaro, Moodyz, Wandz, Waap entertainment  .... etc.
This means excellent HI-FI Stereo sound (in most cases) and supreme picture quality.

At current time, our main dealing goods are Japanese DVDs, they are Japanese maker's original products.
Japanese DVD standard is Region-2 ( just like Europe ), and some are Region-ALL.
If you cannot play such Region-2 coded DVDs , you should select from Region-ALL only.
((( For USA customers, please remember that USA DVD standard is Region-1 , if you have just normal USA DVD player, you cannot play Region-2 ...
If you have Asian made or some .. and if they are Region-Free DVD player , you can play every our Japanese DVD goods as well..)))


* Are your tapes and cdroms uncensored (XXX) ?
Our Japanese Adult video tapes and cdroms are all mosaic censored goods.( for adult hard core goods).
The reason why we carry on these censored goods, is under the control of  Japanese Law & customer.
We cannot deal and ship any uncensored products.
We have to comply to the legal restrictions of Japan.

* Do you sell Lolita videos?
No, we do not deal with any "Lolita" (Low teen), sexual , bullying videos at all.
We will  not sell these videos.

* Are your tapes are maker original products or dubbing copied ?
Our all video tapes are the products of original makers.
Therefore they are of the highest picture and audio quality. - in many cases, they are in HI-FI stereo.

* If I place many videos, can you give me any discounts ?
Oh! Nice question. It's depends on your case. Please tell me your order directly via e-mail.
We will be able to give extra discounts on orders exceeding 20 videos / one order.
In ordinary case, it's 5% discounts for over 20 videos order.

* Are there VideoCD version of your video tapes ?
No, every video tape do not have the VideoCD version, rather, There are so less VideoCDs
of  almost video tape products. beside, every VHS does not have its DVD version, too.
Now ( 2006 Jan.), there are no VCD products in the market at all. not available.

* What's the region code of your DVDs ?
It's maker by maker. Almost DVD's region code is ALL/NTSC but some are Region:2.

#002 :: VIDEO TAPES :

* What system do our videos use??
We only handle products recorded in VHS and NTSC, which is the system used in North America and Japan  etc..
We do not have PAL tapes at all.
European customers who want to buy our tapes need a Video Tape Recorder that can play NTSC tapes.

* Region number of Our Japanese DVDs
   There are 2 numbers of DVD's Region number in Japan. Region=ALL and Region=2.
Generally it's Region=2 ( for Japanese ). but some good makers are making Region=ALL DVDs as well.
Roughly speaking .....
>> Region=ALL makers::
SOD ( Soft On Demand ), Wild Side, Kasakura, hmp, CineMagic ...
>> Region=2 makers :::
Moodyz, Waap, Wanz, Attackers, ART, AROMA, Indies makers ...

If you live in USA and want to play Japanese DVDs,
you should have ALL-Region ( Multi-Region ) DVD player...
if not, you can play only Region-1 and Region-2 DVDs.
You cannot play Most Japanese DVD-2 DVDs with your USA standards DVD player.
Please check and your DVD player if Region-2 is OK...

** World-wide DVD REGION code standards **
Region 1 : USA , Canada
Region 2: Western Europe, Japan, South-Africa
Region 3: S.E. Asia
Region 4: Australia, South-America
Region 5: Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa
Region 6: China

#003 :: USING CREDIT CARD : (Payment)

* I would like to make my order with using credit cards. What should I do?
Sure !! You can use your Credit Card for payment.
We can take Visa  or  Master  card. Sorry we cannot take other credit card like AMEX etc..
We will charge on your credit card at Japanese YEN  ( and then your credit card company will charge on you  at  the exchange rate depends on current bank rate )
and our name on your credit card bill is  TSS : Tokyo Syupan Service Co. . . Please remember.

* How much in US.$ of your Jp.YEN ?
As usual, you can think that 100yen = US$.
It depends on  the current bank exchange rate .It will change day by day.
        e.g...  one US$ = around 130 yen ( Apr.1998 ).  , 140 yen(Jul,1998)...
        e.g...  one US$ = around 100 yen ( Sep,1999 )
-----> Our current rate for the payment of money order etc...
           US$ = 90yen  ( from ... 2004 / Dec.5th )

* How can I tell you my credit card details ?
You can tell them to us via mail or  from our WWW form.

If you mind security, you can send them by a few separated parts via email, or
You can send by credit card Image file , like BMP, GIF or JPG...
Our FAX direct number is  +81-45-772-3241  (Japan)
           The details we need for your credit card are ...

Credit Company Visa , Master  or  JCB
Card Number 1234-5678-9012-3456
Expiry Date  04/99   (MM/YY)
Your Name on Card  Your Full Name
Issuing Bank full name Citi Bank etc..
Your billing phone number is this the one of yor home ?

* I would not like to use my credit card for payment , How can I pay for you ?
You can send Postal Money Order to us,  or we  can also take Bank Money Order.
In the case of  Bank Money Order, if the amount is less than 30,000 yen ,
we need an extra 3,000 yen handling charge for processing the Money Order.

If you will send us Postal Money Order, It should be
In this case, we need not such extra 3,000 yen for handling money order.
Note!! That's only Unted States International Postal Money Order .
So if you do not live in USA. , you should ask your country's post office
to make this  US. International Postal Money Order.
We think that if you are not in USA, you cannot make this US.International Postal Money Order , at all.

* Other payment way ?
If your order amount is BIG and you are hurry to get goods,...
You can pay (wire) money by BANK TRANSFER money to our Japanese BANK.
If you will take this payment way, please tell us so. We will give you our bank details.
In this case, we need extra 3,000yen for bank fee, if your order amount is less than 30,000yen.

* When are you charging on my credit card ?
After receiving your application, we will charge on you at first.  After then this charging  was approved by credit card company, we will start to gather goods from makers.
If this approval is NG , we will  proceed  nothing at all.
So you should keep your credit card balance enough well.

#004 :: ORDERING :

* How can I place an order to you ?
You can place an order using the order form on our web, or directly sending e-mail to us ( filling order-cat.No.###  and quantity at least ).
Of course , you can send your order via FAX. or via email.
After then, when we got your order, we will show you *INVOICE Number* for you via email.
For quick delivery, when you send money order to us, you can tell us the date you send the Money order to us via email.
If you will pay by your credit card, we will charge on your card first soon.

* What is your process of this order ?

Yes, That's good question !
According your application , we will charge on you at first.  and at the same time, we will send you *INVOICE* via email.  This INVOICE is our confirmation for your order. Then if  this charging is OK,  after then we will start to gather goods from makers. ( We do not have any goods stock in our office.)  We need around 2 days to 20 days  for gathering them. It's different maker by maker or
video by video..
At now, this faster delivery makers are Attackers, hmp, Kasakura ...(around 3 days)
For LifeActive, RN, DOS ... , we need more days for receiving ..(around a week to 2 weeks )
After we got goods from makers, we will be ship out goods for you quickly.

If  your order have these faster and slowly makers together, we will separate to some packages and
ship out for you. You have to pay each shipping fee by separated shipping.
If you like to get them all together at once, you have may pay one shipping fee. In this case, you have to tell us the comment  'by ONE package'.

If you are one of our AV21 member and if you request us to get goods from other Internet web sites, we need more and more days to gather goods from other web sites' guys.
Mostly many Japanese delivery is very slowly !!

* I ordered videos but not received your reply or INVOICE .

In many cases , you did not fill out your details on purchase, e.g.. Your postal full address , phone number ..
In such cases, we will ignore your application. Otherwise..
Sorry , in that case , we may missed your application, If  it's over 3 days after you ordered, could you please email us to confirmation ? We are usually reply you within 2 or 3  business days.

* I can see the word *OUT* on your INVOICE, what's that ?
In many cases, that marked goods are * OUT OF STOCK * in makers' stock. so that we cannot gather them any more.
We will ignore such *OUT* goods for calculating amount.
In a few cases, after charging on you, we can check such *OUT* status, in these case, we will keep such goods' prices for your next order.
or .. after charging on you, if we get *OUT* information from makers, we will tell you so.
and in such cases, we will keep that price difference for your next order.
If you do not like that keeping, you can change items to others as you like.

#005 :: SHIPPING :

* How much is your shipping charge to USA ?
We are setting up shipping charge table on our Information page.
You can see our shipping charge on Shipping Charge page

* How long does it take to get the goods ?
It depends on your local postal delivery system.
For USA, it takes about 5 to 7  days if you want it shipped by AIR mail.
As we are using EMS-AIR mail , it may be shorted than normal AIR mail.
By this EMS air mail, e.g..to USA, our goods will reach USA Customs tomorrow!!
For ordinary videos that we are dealing , we can gather them from maker within about 3 days.
For other special videos, we have to wait that receiving from makers. It's around 10 to 20 days.
So after then we can ship out any goods for you according as your shipping way.

Notice!! this delivery days are after our shipping out, so that if we have to wait gathering
products from makers, you need wait for more days.
This gathering days depend on maker by maker. We need one day to 2 weeks for gathering.

Basically, we will ship out your ordered goods after we received all of them from makers.

Attackers, SOD,  Moodyz... need   2  to  3 days
 most other  makers etc.. need   3  to  7 days
Every books need   7 to 15 days

* Can you ship the goods by SEA ?
Yes, of course.
If it is not a rush order, the total charge could be much lower if you use SEA shipping.
We will be able to use SEA mail shipping. But it's not reliable shipping method !!!
If  you will take any trouble in such SEA shipping, you may loose some money.

* Why don't you use Normal AIR shipping ?
Yes, we are using EMS AIR MAIL for air mail shipping.
The reason why we use this way, it's express delivery and registered.
To avoid the risk and trouble of non-delivery and to track packages easily,
we will use this EMS shipping system.

But,, this EMS shipping is one of Regsitered mailling way, so If you are not at your home,
it will delay....(yout post office may keep it by themselves..)
If you are off your home during day, Please tell us your condition. We may be able to ship
out goods by normal air mail. according  only your request. But Note! it's not registered.

* I live in S-KOREA. Will I have any problems getting the adult goods ?
For some Asian countries, the local custom may not allow these adult goods to be cleared.
Recently, some goods to Canada or Germany have problems too.
* Delivery to Germany, there are many many German Customs checking.
* Now, we have been stopping to deliver good to Germany.
* Strict countries :  Finland, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, S-korea, HongKong, Canada ....

For these cases, we will take following way...
Take off all adult covers,  Send as Private Gift....
(((More , if you want the shipping with no covers and no plastic cases, it's better , since the package will be so small and light weight.)))
Contents as Computer Accessory, or Educational BOOK-set etc...

This way may be usually safe.
In any case, you should check with your local laws.  If  you have a good idea, please tell us.

* I am living in China , can you proceed my order ?
Very sorry , to China , we cannot proceed anything at now. since it's very very strict for adult goods in your country.

* What is there better way to ship to country where it's very strict for Adult contents ?

This is a very important question !!

Yes, we know some country are strict for Adult contents even if they are mosaic censored .
S-Korea, HongKong, Singapore,  Taiwan ...etc..  Asian countries.
Canada , Germany ., England , Turkey , Latvia ..... etc...
As mentioned above, for these countries, we are using Private GIFT with wrapping pretty paper, but it's not 100% safely.
The package we sent may be send back to us, ( it takes around 60 days later.) or your Customs  may take away the package to else where...
If  that package was sent back to us and we will send it to you again , we will charge on you  another shipping fee.
Again,  in these shipping cases, we are taking off adult covers from video packages, if you would like to get these covers, we will charge on you another shipping fee for these covers,  It's around 1,000 yen for normal air shipping.

If your order amount is over 3 videos, we recommend you to separate into some packages for shipping. Since it's for avoiding any troubles. Your Customs may check for BIG and heavy packages.
In such cases, the shipping fee is a little higher, but we think it may be good method for you.
If we sent all in one package some videos , and your Customs took away , then you can receive nothing.
Just your Customs can receive all !!

* Since I do not live alone, I do not want others to know I am ordering adult products. Is that a problem?
No problem. We have special considerations for customers like you, we will send you the products in packages that indicate "Books" and Private Gift. Expensive Price will not be indicated.
Still more, we usually wrap them with pretty gift wrapping paper and send them as Gift as your request.

* It's not convenience for me that you send by registered mail, since I am not at home during all day. How can you help me ?
Yes , in such case, we will be able to use normal AIR mailing way, but please remember that it's not safe way. In this case , even if you have delivery trouble, we can do nothing for you.
More, in this shipping case, we charge on you the same fee as EMS air mail.

* Can you send to my PO.BOX ?
Sure!! We are shipping goods to many member's PO.BOX. by EMS mail.
But if your PO.BOX is not enough large or full of many mail, that postal guy may not be able to put our package into your BOX. For avoid these trouble, we are writing your phone number on delivery sheet. So that could you please tell us your phone number ?

* When our postal guy come to my house, I'm absent, so I have not received my order....
Yes, our EMS air mail need your stay and received signature. So in such case , you should chose NORMAL AIR MAIL method and apply us so. Any way, for a few weeks, your post office ( delivery guys ) will keep that package.
So that you can ask that office to bring to you ..
If you did not ask them , that package will come back to us after about 2 months.
If you would like to send it to you , again, we need  another shipping fee and we will charge on you that fee.

#006 :: MEMBERSHIP :

* If I am not a member of you, Can I buy any tapes from you ?
It's not a problem. Even if you are not a member of us, you can buy any goods from us, at the non-member's prices.
But if you are a member of AV21, you can get products at members' prices as long as you as a member.
So if you place a larger order or you order frequently, we strongly recommend you to join us as an AV21 member.

* Before I order the first time, do I need to register as a member first?
No , you do not need to join first. You can join the same time you place your first order.
The membership is available from your 1-st order.

* I do not want to place order anything, but I want to become a member.
Sure !!, You can do so. But we think that you cannot get enough benefit as our member.
If you want to become only our member, you can pay membership fee by only your Credit Card.(MASTER or  VISA ). In such case, you have to pay by your credit card. We cannot take any other payment from you.

* I cannot find out my favorite videos in your titles, so that I would like to ask you to get videos from other Internet web site. How can I do ?

Yes, sure !! Our AV21 members can ask us to get videos from other Japanese web site instead of you and ship out to you from us. This service is for only our members.
But Notice !!  There are many many Japanese illegal and unbelievable guys.
If we ask them to send goods , it may be nothing or no-responce ..
Again, we need more days for receiving their goods , since their delivery is usually very slowly !!
Any way, you can ask us such your wants. Just send email us filling  their URL , category and Item number , and other details that you can know ...etc... for us finding them out easily.
In this case, we need some handling fee. so regard as our selling prices ...
their original price + local delivery fee (2,000 yen) + 5% (getting TAX) + 50%~100% (our handling fee )...
Many Japanese web sites will not deliver to all of the world, they do to only domestic Japan.
Also , in these cases, we need to pay money in advance instead of you.. so we cannot give you any discounts.


* I haven't received my ordering products yet...
If your order by AIR mail but you did not receive anything after 3 weeks, please tell us via e-mail

* Can I ask our POST office about receiving your package.?
Sure, as we are using EMS (Express & Registered AIR mail ), You can check EMS-Item Number with your post office.  If you worry about receiving packages, please ask us for your EMS shipping number. We will tell you the EMS shipping Number as soon as it is available.

In some case, your Import Customs may receive and keep on that packages.
In this case, you need ask (phone) your Customs by yourself.

By EMS-air , our package will rech your inport at the next day of our delivery.
If your post delivery man go to your home and know your are not in, they may bring back the package to post office and keep it for some days. They may inform you nothing at all. and then even if you know nothing, they will tale away it.

* My ordered goods have been confiscated by our Customs
or... it may be lost during shipping.
In such cases, we cannot give you any refunds at all. Because your import Customs surely received that package. In such case, there is sufficient evidence that you ordered and we've shipped out and your Customs receive it.
We can take the document from your Customs got that package.

Please feel free to ask any questions through e-mail.
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