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* Region number of Japanese DVDs
   There are 2 numbers of DVD's Region in Japan. Region=ALL and Region=2.
Generally it's Region=2 ( for Japanese ). but some good makers are making Region=ALL DVDs as well.
Roughly speaking .....
>> Region=ALL makers::
SOD ( Soft On Demand ), Wild Side, Kasakura, hmp, CineMagic ...
>> Region=2 makers :::
Moodyz, Waap, Wanz, Attackers, ART, AROMA, Indies makers ...

If you live in USA and want to play Japanese DVDs,
you should have ALL-Region ( Multi-Region ) DVD player...
if not, you can play only Region-1 and Region-2 DVDs.
You cannot play Most Japanese DVD-2 DVDs with your USA standards DVD player.
Please check and your DVD player if Region-2 is OK...

** World-wide DVD REGION code standards **
Region 1 : USA , Canada
Region 2: Western Europe, Japan, South-Africa
Region 3: S.E. Asia
Region 4: Australia, South-America
Region 5: Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa
Region 6: China

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