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SOS *  (Special Order Service)*
It's one of our good services for our AV21 members.
Our Special Order Service will help your needs ...
to get any Japanese goods, DVDs, Books and Magazines etc...
from other Japanese web sites, any makers or any dealers.

How can I use your service, SOS ?

* If the goods which you need are not on our web catalog pages,
  We can try to search the goods in any Japanese market, in any Japanese second-hand market etc...
  regarding as your requests. This is one of our member's services.
  Even if  it's already *out-of-printed* , we will try to search in the second-hand goods market.

* If you already have the Japanese site's URL etc..., just you tell it to us,
  We can try to gather goods for you, instead of you.

* Price ?
  Just good's original price, our handling fee, local getting fee and air shipping fee to you.
  After our searching, we will show you the INVOICE for you.
  If you do not like our price, yes , you can cancel such invoice.
  We can start to proceed this special order after we get your agreement.

* Dealing Goods, Products ?
   Any goods, but The Goods we cannot deal are ... what's  illegal in Japanese law.
   Just like the DVDs of ... Lolita, too young girls, uncensored adult video / dvd / pictures...etc..
   more, if you are not over 21 ears old, we cannot sell any adult goods for you.

>>>  Gathering any DVDs from other Japanese sites, Japanese makers ..